Thursday 27 December 2012

Know about Ragini Nandwani, from Dehra Dun and her role in Dehraadun Diary and Zee TV's show

Acting happened by chance for Ragini Nandwani who will be playing the lead in Milind Ukey’s film, Dehraadun Diary. Hailing from Dehradun, a hill town in Uttarakhand, Ragini had little idea when she was shifting base to Delhi that her life was about to change. In fact, she was all set to become a journalist but destiny had a different plans for her.

“Acting was a stroke of luck as I had my heart set to become a journalist. I was always a very private and shy person. In fact, it was my friend who wanted to be an actor and she took me along for an audition and then one thing led to another,” she says.

Ragini’s character of Lovely in a Zee TV’s show Mrs Kaushik ki Paanch Bahuyein got her noticed and she came to Mumbai. Being from a small-town, she has taken the move in her stride. “In Mumbai people are always busy and have little time to spare. But I have gotten into the groove of things, although I do miss my folks back home,” she adds.

Speaking about the coincidence of going back to shooting in her hometown, she says, “It’s like coming home as I grew up in the very place we were shooting. It brought back lots of nostalgic memories.” Ragini adds that for future she would like to get into roles that challenge her rather than require her to dance around trees.

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