Thursday 4 April 2013

"Zone by the Park" Hotel in Dehra Dun

Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels, which runs boutique hotel chain Park Hotels in the country, has launched a new brand, ‘Zone by the Park’.

The group will launch four hotels under the new brand, with the first one expected to open at Raipur by the end of this year. Other three locations that have been identified for the brand include Coimbatore, Dehradun and New Delhi. It will largely be run through management contracts with developers

Vijay Dewan, Managing Director of the hotel chain, added, “After much deliberation, we closed on the brand ‘Zone by The Park’. Zone will cater to the gap in the Indian hotel market for the burgeoning Indian middle class and international traveller looking for budget travel. The hotels will be priced around the $80-100 (daily tariff) mark.”

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